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Bases de Dados em Acesso Aberto
American Finance Association Meetings (AFA
ARN Conferences and Meetings
BACH : Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonised
CESifo Public Finance
CLEO : Center in Law, Economics & Organization Research Papers
Contabilidade, Gestão e Governança
Contabilidade Vista & Revista
Contaduría y Administración
Damodaran On-line
Enfoque : Reflexão Contábil
Financial Accounting
Financial Economics & Accounting (FEA) Conferences : Kelley School of Business
Forensic Accounting
General Government Data
Key Euro Indicators
Labour Market reforms database : LABREF
Open J-Gate
Total Economy Database


Revistas em Acesso Aberto
Accounting, Corporate Governance, Law and Institutions
Actualidad Contable
Administrative Science Quarterly
African Journal of Accounting, Economics, Finance and Banking Research
African Journal of Business Management
hBRAND : Broad Research in Accounting, Negotiation and Distribution
BUR : Business Research
Business History
Business Intelligence Journal
The Cato Journal
Contabilidade e Empresas
Contaduria y Administración
European Journal of Finance and Banking Research
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Resesarch
Global Journal of International Business Research )
IJDAR : The International Journal of Digital Accounting Research
International Journal of Economics and Finance
International Journal of Business Science and Applied Management
International Research Journal of Finance and Economics
Journal of Finance and Accountancy
Journal of International Banking and Commerce
North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research
Revista Contemporânea em Contabilidade
Revista de Economía Mundial
Revista Universo Contábil